Welcoming New Mentors in 2024

DIA welcomes 9 new mentors to the Apprentice Program!

Welcoming New Mentors in 2024
Meet the new mentors!

We are thrilled to introduce new and continuing mentors who have joined DIA Design Guild for the 2024 cohort of the apprentice program. This year, we have mentors from Poland*, Armenia*, and Bolivia and some more cities and states represented from across the United States: New York*, New Jersey*, and California. These inspiring individuals bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to our community, and we are confident that they will play a vital role in supporting and guiding our new apprentices as they navigate their design careers.

*new in 2024. 

Background and commitment

Our new mentors are motivated by a shared desire to be part of a supportive community that helps people navigate their careers. They believe in the power of mentorship to identify potential, foster growth, and empower individuals to achieve their goals. Our new mentors come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of expertise in the product, design and research field. 

Learn more about what DIA Design Guild expects from mentors.

And now…

The mostly all-new list of mentors for this year

About the DIA Design Guild

DIA Design Guild is a volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to providing design education and career development opportunities to people from underrepresented backgrounds. We provide a space for people to learn from each other, collaborate on projects and share their work with the community. We offer a variety of programs, including apprenticeships, workshops, and events. Our goal is to help people find their way through the UX and tech industry and to create a more diverse and inclusive design community.

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