Adam Shreve

Adam Shreve
Meet Adam Shreve

Dr. Adam T. Shreve is a UX and market research leader, and is ex-Apple. Whether in Fortune 500s or early-stage startups, Adam has spent the better part of the past two decades leading research orgs to impact strategic decision-making, including radically influencing product roadmaps, sales and marketing initiatives, and the trajectory of future industry strategies.

He openly shares his passion for user empathy, design thinking, and user-centered design. Adam believes that when groups of people band together to make something, they should start with what they want people to feel and then begin to craft around that intention. And he believes that when true psychological safety is at the core of a team, then that team will have the opportunity for both maximum fulfillment and peak productivity.

Adam is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), he's served on multiple DEI committees in his career, and he's led, co-led, and participated in several DEI initiatives that resulted in the progress of representation and equity at his companies, both inside and out.

He specializes in mixed methods research (quant and qual), building and leading teams, and teaching leaders. Adam's had the honor of directly collaborating with and teaching the craft, processes, and strategies of UX to senior cross-functional engineering, product, and design (EPD) leaders, fellow research colleagues, e-staffs, and CEOs. He's led UX research orgs and researchers working on all phases and areas of the product development process. And Adam's led UX research across numerous business areas (including consumer, enterprise, core product, ecosystem, go-to-market, growth, activation, lifecycle, and e-commerce), various business models (including B2C, B2B, two-sided marketplaces, and SaaS), and diverse tech industries (including core technology, AutoTech, InsurTech, live experiences + tech, and real estate tech).

Adam earned his PhD from the University of Edinburgh where he researched mobile phone user experience. He worked closely with the School of Design at the Edinburgh College of Art, as well as other schools in the College of Humanities and Social Science.

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