Laura Cochran

Laura Cochran
Meet Laura Cochran

Over her 15+ year career she’s lived at the intersection of storytelling, technology and design. Her relentless pursuit of user-centric, data informed design makes her a strong leader for teams looking to upskill how they prioritize and make connections between the work and impact.

In her role as CXO at ElleSee Futures, she fosters a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and attention to detail. She has worked in various roles across media, civic tech and fintech.

Her operational approach is to treat your team like a product, constantly elevating and iterating on ways of working to increase employee engagement and delivery excellence. Diversity and inclusion are not optional. She understands the power of design to make a positive impact on people's lives and to do this you need diverse perspectives to break down boundaries.

On her best day, Laura is leading by influencing and creating strategy at different altitudes. She’s just as comfortable sharing impact with the CEO as she is facilitating a design studio with the team. This confidence comes from early career experiences articulating the impact of exploring design decisions with a human-centered lens at an enterprise level in front of 100’s of senior leaders.

She thrives alongside open-minded people that are equally focused on transforming an existing culture, product or process even if it means disrupting what exists today. Change is the only constant. Her passion for human-centered design and her ability to merge human factors with business considerations allows her to make significant contributions to teams. She excels at connecting the dots between shared missions, facilitating meaningful partnerships, and integrating user and business needs.

When Laura isn’t advocating for people and user-centered design, she is probably lost on a mountain or at the beach.

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