Mehul Mehta

Mehul Mehta
Meet Mehul Mehta

Experienced chemical engineer turned technology enthusiast and business excellence leader with over 15 years of impactful contributions at renowned organizations such as AT&T, Lucent, Avaya, Verizon, and GAF. Specialized in driving efficiency and growth, my expertise spans disciplines like Lean, Six Sigma, Agility, Design Thinking, Innovation Management, and Strategy.

Passionate about adapting to the evolving future, my goal is continuous learning and preparation for the dynamic world ahead. Eager to share insights gained through professional journeys and facilitate the growth of fellow professionals.

A constant learner, I enjoy reading, synthesizing information, and drawing parallels across diverse domains. Beyond work, my interests include photography, arts and crafts, and the art of storytelling. Ready to embark on a mentorship journey to inspire and guide the next generation of professionals.

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