End of 2022 Roundup

Much has happened since our newsletter in July and we’re already wrapping the year up... Catch up on what's happening with DIA

End of 2022 Roundup

It’s been half a year since we last wrote an issue for the DIA newsletter (The last one we wrote was in July). Much has happened since then and we’re already wrapping the year up. Since then, we took on a few short-term projects and expanded on our thoughts for the apprentice program and the service offerings for prospective clients. We started on a few internal projects that we can’t wait to share in the new year.

In this End of 2022 Roundup, you’ll find:

Guild News

Design Educational Resources
We created the Design Educational Resources by compiling as many resources as possible. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to find ways to learn and develop design skills. * Jose Barrera, who inspired the beginning of this list * Bibiana Nunes, who got the group together an…

In November, we launched “Design Educational Resources”. You can read about how the project came about and the process we took in bringing it to life: https://www.diadesign.io/educational-resources-for-design-v1/

World Information Architecture Day Los Angeles 2023
DIA Design Guild is helping to organize World IA Day Los Angeles.

DIA Design Guild is organizing World IA Day Los Angeles next March. If you are interested in being a volunteer, get involved by signing up as a volunteer.

Project News

Screenshot of the IAC website in development. Taken 29 Dec 2022

The IAC Redesign project has turned out to be a more complicated project than we expected. Coupled with the fact that we weren’t expecting to do the Sanity development ourselves and that we didn’t have development expertise in Sanity to begin with, the project timeline was extended and we’re looking for dev volunteers. We’re expecting to share a version of the site soon!

Screenshot of the final website at launch. Taken 29 Dec 2022

The website for the UConn Education Evaluation Lab went live last month (November). Now Partnership for Education and Evaluation Research, the lab went through a branding exercise with DIA. We helped to create the new brand for the lab, centering on their values for partnership, equity, and collaboration. Check out the final logo and website we designed and developed!

A whiteboard session with Martin of Optimal Workshop, Grace, Miguel, and Vanya brainstorming the story arc of the survey questions. Taken 2 Nov 2022

As part of our community partnership with World Information Architecture Association, two of our DIA apprentices Vanya and Miguel are working on the survey design for the State of Information Architecture annual survey, in a collaboration with Martin Bulmer at Optimal Workshop.

Apprentice Program Updates

Open call for mentors

The plan for next year’s apprentice program is in motion. We’re still filling a few spots for mentors. If you’re interested in being a mentor with DIA, now is the time to sign up to give back to the community. You'll meet with Grace 1 on 1 to get to know what the program is about and learn about mentoring expectations.

Be a mentor with DIA
How we mentor has a lot to do with our UX philosophy: User experience is a mindset, a process, and an approach to everyday life.

Accepting Apprentices for 2023

The application for next year’s cohort in the DIA apprentice program is open until December 31, 2022. We’re actually closing applications early because we received so many applications.

Accepting Apprentice Applications for 2023
DIA Design Guild is accepting applications for the 2023 apprentice cohort that starts in late March and lasts about 9 months.

Community Resources

We asked staff and apprentices in our community for books, articles, talks, and resources that particularly resonated with them this year. Here's what they shared:

  • “I started listening to Design Details this year. I'd been searching for a good product design-focused podcast but hadn't found one that resonated with me until I came across this.” ~Julia DeBari
  • Climate tech startups designers should know. Designers can meaningfully accelerate climate action by bringing their skills to the table. Meet five companies using design to address the climate crisis.
  • Design-driven business impact. Designer Fund advisor Alissa Briggs shared invaluable advice on creating significant business outcomes through design decisions, choosing the right company to join, and leading through change.
  • How Design Makes the World by Scott Berkun is a fantastic book about the universal advantages of design without the academia of The Design of Everyday Things.” ~Julia DeBari
  • Mind map of the UX (design) process (Miro board) ~John Khuu
  • I signed up for WCAG of the Day. It’s a short daily tip for WCAG, sharing short summaries of success criterion documentation to help with learning ~ Jennifer Du
  • Since it’s the end of the year, it’s a good time to do a little retrospective for yourself, for your work, your work-life balance, and what you want to do more or less of. I came across this on Figma Community: https://www.figma.com/community/file/1156562118777363164


  • From John Khuu: Dedicated job search board for Digital Accessibility opportunities: https://www.a11yjobs.com/
  • From Bridgett Gordon Billingsley: Reingold is looking for interns. Design, analytics, communications, and digital marketing internships are available for the Spring semester. The internships are hybrid and are based out of Alexandria, VA, and Raleigh, NC. There are a couple of full-time roles that are remote. The internships are paid positions. https://www.reingold.com/join-our-team/
  • From Grace Lau: The Understanding Group is looking for interns. They’re based in Michigan and very reputable in the information architecture community in the United States. Remote and paid positions: https://understandinggroup.com/working-at-tug

Thanks and Happy New Year!

It's been a great 2022 and we want to end this roundup issue with an acknowledgement of all those who subscribed and supported us this year.

  • Bianca Montrosse Moorhead and her team at PEER
  • Daniela Schroeter, Brinkerhoff Evaluation Institute
  • Debbie Levitt, DeltaCX
  • Vanessa Foss, Kunverj
  • Aimee Gonzalez
  • John Khuu
  • Julia DeBari
  • Temi Aminu
  • Bridgett Gordon Billingsley
  • Elizabeth Mitchell

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A special thanks to our DIA mentors for giving their gifts of time and guidance: Julia DeBari, John Khuu, Jessi Shakarian, Justin Kim, Jill Christ, and Temi Aminu

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