Design Educational Resources

We created the Design Educational Resources by compiling as many resources as possible.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to find ways to learn and develop design skills.

  • Jose Barrera, who inspired the beginning of this list
  • Bibiana Nunes, who got the group together and provided support
  • Julia DeBari, for creating a model and defining a taxonomy, plus adding tons of content
  • Grace G. Lau, who provided direction and project support.

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Help Improve the List

Project Roadmap

Next release:

  • Ability to rate a resource.
  • Resource descriptions.
  • Ability to submit reviews.

Change History

v1 - October 27, 2022

  • We currently have 256 resources.
  • Available data currently include Resource Ability, Name, Starting Price, URL, Language Supported, and Author.
Design Educational Resources, Version 1 (Nov 2022)
This post is about the initial launch of the Design Educational Resources list curated by Julia DeBari, Bibiana Nunes, Jose Barrera, and Grace Lau.