World Information Architecture Day Los Angeles 2023

DIA Design Guild is helping to organize World IA Day Los Angeles.

World Information Architecture Day Los Angeles 2023
DIA Design Guild is helping to organize World IA Day Los Angeles. 

It’s no secret that DIA Design Guild is all about information architecture. From its co-founders to its mentors, information architecture is highlighted as a foundational skill that DIA stands behind. In 2023 as well, DIA Design Guild continues to be a community partner to organize the local event in Los Angeles.

Last year, the Los Angeles event was organized by Justin Kim, Jane Pyeon, Sophie Truong, and May Ng. See also last year’s event announcement and retrospective.

On March 4th, World IA Day 2023 Los Angeles will be an in-person event, organized by one of our apprentices, Vanya Hsu.

What’s the theme for 2023?

Orientation and Wayfinding is the global theme. Orientation and wayfinding refer to the ability to determine one's location and to navigate effectively from one place to another. This can involve using a variety of cues, such as visual landmarks, maps, and mental representations of one's surroundings, to determine one's position and to plan a route to a desired destination. Effective orientation and wayfinding skills are important for a variety of reasons, including for personal safety and for efficient navigation in both familiar and unfamiliar environments.

From an information architecture perspective, effective information architecture can help users to understand where they are and how to navigate effectively within a space, whether in a building or on a website. This may involve using clear and intuitive labels for different areas or sections, providing clear and concise instructions for navigation, and using visual elements, such as maps and diagrams, to help users understand their location and how to reach their desired destination.

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What’s on the agenda?

We’re featuring speakers from Esri. We’re looking for a venue in or around Los Angeles to host the in-person event. It’s been a long time since we’ve met in person, so there’s lots of event planning to figure out.

Vanya has been meeting up with previous WIADLA organizers, Jesse Lee Despard and Justin Kim, for tips and guidance. A small team of volunteers is forming.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in being a volunteer, sign up! We’re looking for people to help with social media promotion, reaching out to local colleges and universities, site planning, and anything else you think might be helpful for planning an in-person event!