Chun-Ling "Vanya" Hsu

Apprentice, User Experience

Chun-Ling "Vanya" Hsu
Meet Chun-Ling "Vanya" Hsu
Tell us about yourself.

I am studying for my master's at Claremont Graduate University and have six years of experience in the field of psychology. I am a data-driven person, and I love statistics. Being a UX researcher combines all the things I love together.

What are you looking forward to learning and or doing?

As a UX researcher with a strong psychology background, I have built strong quantitative, qualitative, statistical, and problem-solving skills. I believe that providing the balance between personalization and popularization is essential, and I want to pursue those aims through the lens of cognitive psychology. I am enthusiastic about human-centered design between various groups of people and individual scales with personality.

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