DIA Design Guild Announces New Apprentices for 2024 Cohort

We said 10, but then we said, just 2 more. And so we have 12 new apprentices joining the DIA apprentice program in 2024

DIA Design Guild Announces New Apprentices for 2024 Cohort
Meet the new apprentices!

The DIA Design Guild is excited to announce the new apprentices who will be joining the 2024 cohort. The apprentices are a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about design and eager to learn.

This year, the selection process was more stringent than before. At the same time, compared to 2023’s application period, we received less applicants. However, the caliber of the applications continues to be impressive.

There were two levels of screening for the process. An application and an interview. 75% of applicants went through the interview process. Multiple mentors interviewed and collaborated. We looked for curiosity, drive, concern about inclusivity and accessibility, basic knowledge of UX (bootcamp or self taught), and passion for the UX field. We didn’t want people who were just looking to get a job. We ended up with a cohort of all women from diverse locations; from across the US, Mexico, Africa, and Indonesia.  

Today, we’re excited to welcome the 12 people who are joining the Apprentice Program at DIA Design Guild.

About the DIA Design Guild

DIA Design Guild is a volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to providing design education and career development opportunities to people from underrepresented backgrounds. We provide a space for people to learn from each other, collaborate on projects and share their work with the community. We offer a variety of programs, including apprenticeships, workshops, and mentorships. Our goal is to help people find their way through the UX and tech industry and to create a more diverse and inclusive design community.

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