Gwyneth Claudia Bahy

Gwyneth Claudia Bahy
Meet Gwyneth Claudia Bahy
Tell us about yourself.

Seeking to transition my passion for the community service and critical thinking into UX design for social good, I bring a blended background spanning language translation and creative pursuits. As a career changer driven by a calling to foster positive experiences for underserved groups, I am now tenaciously working to establish myself in user-centered design. My aim is to ultimately lend my empathetic and innovative approach to the research world and craft meaningful change for excluded communities. I am thrilled to take this decisive next step by joining the DIA Design Guild apprenticeship program.

What are you looking forward to learning a/o doing?

I'm looking to build a rock-solid foundation in end-to-end design. I want to dig deeper and get a good grip on the whole shebang - from research to ideation, iteration, documentation, and measurement. The whole nine yards! It's one thing to create a cool design but it's another to create a design that meets objectives and works within the realm of tech possibilities.

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