Jamie Owens

Jamie Owens
Meet Jamie Owens
Tell us about yourself.

I'm a former educator with a background in English Literature and a passion for all things bookish. During my time as a teacher, I discovered a love for the creativity that went into crafting a meaningful lesson for students. I spent time researching the design process and soon realized that there was room for me to grow outside of the classroom environment. Much like I had been revising learning experiences to meet my students' needs, I'm now focused on revising digital experiences to meet user needs—and loving every second of it!

What are you looking forward to learning a/o doing?

With my educational background, being a lifelong learner is deeply entwined with who I am so I'm excited to learn from the mentors and other apprentices. I'm looking forward to expanding and honing my skills as a designer, while collaborating and connecting with a supportive community. I'd also love to dive deeper into meaningful topics, specifically accessible and inclusive design practices.

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