New Year, New Mentors in 2022

DIA welcomes 6 new mentors to the Apprentice Program!

New Year, New Mentors in 2022
Welcome New Mentors, showing (from left to right, top down) Jessi, Jill, Temi, Julia, Justin, John

Happy to share that 2022 brings new mentors to DIA Design Guild as we get ready for the incoming cohort for the Apprentice Program.

The following people are joining DIA Design Guild as mentors.

  • Jessi Shakarian, UX Designer and Accessibility Lead at DIA
  • Jill Christ, UX Researcher, fellow UCLA MLIS alumni, formerly of Facebook, Citrix,
  • John Khuu, UX Researcher, a longtime SGVUX mentor, fellow UCLA MLIS alumni, currently at Kaiser Permanente.
  • Julia DeBari, UX Designer, prolific mentor and advocate in design education, past World IA Day organizer/volunteer.
  • Justin Kim, UX Designer, lead of the DIA Game Studio
  • Temi Aminu, UX Designer, currently at Kaiser Permanente.

They will be joining Grace as regular mentors in the DIA Design Guild. We are excited to see the mentorships and outcomes evolving from this initiative!

Stay tuned for news about the incoming cohort!

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