Julia DeBari


Julia DeBari
Meet Julie DeBari

Julia DeBari is a UX Educator and mentor who has taught for multiple educational institutions. She's worked in the UX field for over 20 years at various companies, from small startups to large enterprise companies, agencies, consulting, in-house, and freelance. She has experience being a team of one and on a team of fifty holding various roles. Julia's focus is on the edu-tech domain and UX curriculum development. Her specialties include user experience methodology, UX frameworks, information architecture, interaction design, sketching, prototyping, usability testing, online learning programs, visual design for applications, content management systems, and Software as a Service/Cloud computing applications. She has done many things in the field, from Interaction Design, UX Research, UX Writing, Information Architecture, DesignOps, UX Education, and more.

While Julia is not a career transitioner, she is passionate about helping people grow their UX skills and careers. She believes in career portfolios versus career ladders.

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