Julia DeBari joins DIA Design Guild as Apprenticeship Program Director

Julia DeBari will be leading the apprenticeship program starting in 2024 in her new role as the apprenticeship program director.

Julia  DeBari joins DIA Design Guild as Apprenticeship Program Director
Image credit: Justin Kim

We're thrilled to announce that Julia DeBari has joined DIA Design Guild as the new apprenticeship program director. Julia has been a mentor in the program for the past two years and has contributed greatly to its development. She's a passionate advocate for design education and has a deep understanding of the needs of both apprentices and mentors.

In her new role, Julia will be responsible for leading the apprenticeship program, developing the new curriculum, and recruiting and working with mentors to develop the independent apprenticeship program. She'll also work closely with mentors to ensure that the program meets their goals in giving back to the community and that apprentices are prepared with realistic expectations about careers in UX and tech.

Previously, DIA Design Guild did not have a dedicated person in this role. Through the advice of mentors and research with apprentices since 2021, Grace Lau designed and led the apprenticeship program to its current state as a 9-month long apprenticeship where apprentices and experienced practitioners are paired in their areas of interest and expertise. 

"I'm honored to be joining DIA Design Guild as the apprenticeship program director," said Julia. "My goal is to grow the apprenticeship program to a self-sustaining scale. Apprenticeship is a hallmark for the UX industry as UX is both a craft and a science. I love the personal touch DIA offers to each member of the community."

Julia has a wealth of experience in the UX and tech industry. She's worked as a UX designer for a number of years and has also taught, mentored, and advised at various UX bootcamps including General Assembly, CareerFoundry, DesignLab, and SpringBoard. She's passionate about helping people learn and grow, and she's committed to making the UX and tech industry more accessible and supportive.

"We're confident that Julia is the right person to lead our apprenticeship program," said DIA Design Guild founder, Grace Lau. "She's a talented designer, an experienced educator, and a passionate advocate for design education. We're excited to see what she'll accomplish in this new role."

We welcome Julia officially in her new role at DIA Design Guild! She has been a devoted co-conspirator and relentless in her philosophy to empower others. We’re excited to see how the apprentice program will evolve to provide our mentors and apprentices with the best possible experience.

About DIA Design Guild

DIA Design Guild is a volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to providing design education and career development opportunities to people from underrepresented backgrounds. We provide a space for people to learn from each other, collaborate on projects, and share their work with the community. We offer a variety of programs, including apprenticeships, workshops, and mentorships. Our goal is to help people find their way through the UX and tech industry and to create a more diverse, inclusive, and accessible design community.

To learn more about the apprenticeship program at DIA Design Guild, visit our website at www.diadesign.io. You can also support and donate to our vision at https://opencollective.com/diadesign.