The DIA Game Club

A little community space for the gamers.

The DIA Game Club
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What is the DIA Game Club?

The DIA Game Club is a place where we discuss games. We like to encourage making them but members are free to do other things like analyze their favorite games or draw fan art.

Learn more about the Club

Check out the following content to get a feel for what the Club is like.

Come review a/o make games with us!

The DIA Game Jam is our special monthly jam where members can review and/or make games with us in a flexible asynchronous format. Find out more and come join us!

What is the DIA Game Jam?
A new experiment towards consistently making more games.

See what previous jams were like!

Wonder how previous game jams with us went? Check out the retrospectives the participating members wrote up!

Game Jam Retrospective - DIA Design Guild
DIA Design Guild is a nonprofit charity organization intent on creating a space for people to explore creative and technical careers.

Learn about tools that can help you get started!

"What tool should I start with?" is one of the most common questions folks ask when they want to start making games. That's why DIA made a curated list of recommended tools based on our experiences using them!

The DIA Game Club’s Recommended Tools
A list of recommended tools sorted by difficulty level.

How can I get involved?

Membership is currently limited but stay tuned for updates by following DIA's newsletter and LinkedIn!

For any questions, please contact Justin or Alex.

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