August 2023

Some exciting news. A month of many happenings. Upcoming events and recaps from DIA-hosted/supported events.

August 2023

Right in the last seconds of August, or maybe it’s already the first of September wherever you are. If you’re in the States, maybe you’re getting ready for a 3- or 4-day weekend.

Summer went by fast. Unprecedented, alarming wildfires and hurricanes wrecked homes and lives in parts of the world, truly testing how we as species respond to emergency situations. Our hearts go out to the many families and people who are impacted by the wildfires in Maui and Canada. Stay safe, be strong.

DIA News and Updates

DIA Design Guild has been working on a few things.

#1: We’re on our first steps on becoming a nonprofit.

As of May earlier this year, we’re a California non-profit organization and we are preparing our application to be a IRS recognized public charity organization focused on education, professional development, and learning in the UX/Creative field.

It’s a big milestone for us and we’ll share updates along the way. Slow and steady! We are designing the this whole nonprofit experience with slow intentions and research.

#2: Some folks have reached out to us about our apprentice program.

Applications for the apprentice program won’t be open until later this year so be sure to keep on reading our newsletter for updates. We’re planning a few tweaks about how we’re structuring the program, how we’re mentoring, and how it can provide that structured way to approach exploring UX as a career.

#3: UX Read-aloud Book Club continues

The UX Read-aloud Book Club with Julia DeBari continues this month with Changemakers

  • Book: Changemakers by Maria Giudice and Christopher Ireland
  • Biweekly meetings: Thursday, September 7 at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern
  • Register below 👇 for free
Read Aloud Book Club · Luma
We’ll read aloud through a shared screen. You do not need to buy the book. You do not need to read before a meeting. You do not need to read aloud if you do not want to. You do not need to come to every…


#4: Workshop - Personal Knowledge Garden

If you’re looking to manage and organize all your information, take or make notes with intention, figure out how to find things again, there’s a great workshop coming up offered by information architects Jorge Arango and Karl Fast.

DIA has been working with them and we’re excited to be a part of this endeavor. DIA is big on personal knowledge management, documentation, and managing information for both work and personal life.

Workshop: Build a Personal Knowledge Garden
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Local and community announcements:

DIA Design Guild hosts local events in the Los Angeles area as well as supports a number of communities in hosting and producing events. Here are a few community events you might be interested in:

#5: World Information Architecture Café

In August there were some great talks happening at the Café. Recordings are available.

  • Beau Ulrey shared his career journey from designer to manager. He shared some great resources on leadership.
  • Jael Schultz talked about embracing a 'less-than-perfect' mindset in architecture and being more persuasive and effective when designing solutions for complex problems.

There are more Café events coming up monthly.

World Information Architecture Café · Luma
View and subscribe to events from World Information Architecture Café on Luma. Events hosted by World Information Architecture Association.
Check out the full calendar

#6: EuroIA 2023

DIA has been supporting EuroIA23 with social media management. The European conference on Information Architecture and UX Design is taking place September 21-23 in-person in Amsterdam. You can get tickets for the full 3 days or one-day. Conference tickets include workshops, food, and drinks.

If you’re based in Europe, in the area, or looking for professional development and connecting with the UX and IA community in Europe, check it out!

Follow, like, and check out the program! And if you’re registering, be sure to use discount code WIAD for €50 off the ticket price.

EuroIA 2023 – Building Bridges

#7: Join us for a DIA Community Hangout

We host an open virtual hangout every month for anyone who wants to talk about UX and chat with us. Come hang out and meet new friends!

  • Thursday, September 21, 4pm Pacific on Google Meet
  • Register at the link 👇
SGVUX Hangout and Networking · Luma
Previously known as the SGVUX Happy Hour, we are now setting this up as the monthly community hangout and networking. Hosted on Google Meet. Open to public, and apprentices and mentors of the…

That’s all for now!

Until next month, slow down and save some time for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

Open source UX? Apprentice Program? All on goodwill? That's noble.

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