Apprentice Program - Week of Feb 12, 2024

Apprentice Program - Week of Feb 12, 2024
Photo by Ana Curcan / Unsplash

As of January 2024, Julia has taken over the writing of these apprentice biweekly updates because Grace is stepping back and Julia will be the new apprentice program director

We’re settling in with sending these every odd-numbered week. Let us know if these updates are helpful!

What’s on Julia’s mind these days?

Storytelling. How and what kind. I’ve taken a few storytelling courses over the course of my career. The basics, sure, types of stories, rising and falling action, etc. I get it. I can do case studies. But how does one tell one’s own story, especially when it’s not typical? How do you boil the essence of you into one cohesive narrative? I’ve been working on my ‘About Me’ for years. I am constantly updating my LinkedIn About section. 

I don’t want to be just my job, just my career. There is more to me than where I work or don’t work. But are they hobbies, interests? What makes us unique in our story and yet someone you want to get to know, or maybe not know?

Let me know what you think.