Covid Relief for Animal Professionals and Pets

Project CRAPP is a generative research and content design project supported by DIA Design Guild to understand the impact of COVID on animal professionals and pets and provide support to animal professionals and facilities.

We are looking for

  • volunteer apprentices - students, early career professionals who are looking for experience in UX research and content design
  • volunteer mentors who are interested in mentoring students and early career professionals


All time estimates are what they are – estimates. How soon we are able to start this project is dependent on mentor and advisor availability. Phases are subject to change based on project direction.

Phase 1 (Project Definition)

  • Focused primarily on UX research and analysis
  • Mentors in the field will help define project definition and scope.
  • Estimated 3-4 months

Phase 2 (Structure and Synthesis)

  • Focused on information architecture, content strategy, and content design
  • Mentors in the field will help
  • Estimated 3-4 months

Phase 3 (Design)

  • Focused primarily on design and development
  • Mentors in the field will guide Phase 2. A technical advisor will assist in development work
  • Estimated 3-6 months


As a volunteer mentor, you’ll be

  • giving back to the community by supporting and guiding new and aspiring researchers and designers
  • providing feedback on research, content, and or design plans
  • helping to define the future goal of the project with the larger team
  • encouraging communication and participation
  • guiding apprentice

As a volunteer apprentice researcher/designer, you’ll be contributing to

  • conducting and analyzing data from generative research methods involving the health and well-being of animals and pets and their caregivers.
  • developing content plans and strategies based on user needs
  • reviewing content to make sure it’s accurate, relevant, accessible and written in line with 18F style
  • experiencing what it means to work in a distributed team on a project
    At the end of this project, we hope that you are able to develop a case study for your UX portfolio‍

DIA Design supports this project by:

  • providing tools and framework to support, house, and analyze research
  • connecting mentors and apprentices in learning circles to share, work, and learn from each other