Migrating from Meetup to Luma

Migrating from Meetup to Luma
SGVUX meetup growth since July 15, 2019

We’ve got changes! Meetup has been great at enabling event discovery, but we’re trying something new – and consolidating the multitude of ways that we connect and engage with members of the SGVUX community.

Did you know that since we started the San Gabriel Valley UX meetup on Meetup.com two years ago, we have grown to over 215 members on Meetup, and used…

  1. Over 3 different services for event registration (such as Eventbrite, Tito, Meetup)
  2. 8 ways to announce events (Tito, Meetup, Mailchimp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Discord)
  3. At least 4 different payment methods to accept donations and process ticket payments (Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and Stripe)

We've been careless, to say the least. In the pursuit of intentional design, we want to consolidate all these various event, marketing, and community platforms and focus on the long-term effects in building this community.

SGVUX on Meetup.com

This July, we’re fully moving over to Luma! The Meetup group will be closed and deleted in favor of a new community platform that might help protect your attention and focus.

Luma offers a centralized event experience – for members and organizers:

  • Dedicated event calendar and simple registration
  • Event feedback tools, automated emails, and event reminders
  • Community Library – we’re starting a small resource library on the greatest book, podcast, or emoji finds
  • Event analytics

Plus, we’ll save nearly $200 a year! That said, we cannot do this without your support. Buy us boba to offset costs for website hosting, domain registration, and other overhead fees.

What are you waiting for?