The DIA Game Studio

DIA Design Guild’s Game Studio is a creative space for DIA apprentices and mentors to learn and practice game making.

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This studio initiative aims to get participants designing and developing games ASAP.

The Game Studio is inclusive of both game making and non-game making outputs. Basically, studio members are welcome to work on games and anything game-related.

Everyone is learning along the way. Things won’t be perfect. That’s why we practice and learn.


Game making. We do game making, not just game design or development. Collaborating with a holistic, interdisciplinary approach leads to true ownership of the games we work on.

For the game. Everything we do is for the good of the game. Always. Since we are a UX-focused guild, factors such as players/users, interaction, and experience are our top priorities.

Experimenting. We have fun making games, which means we gladly experiment. We welcome all types of games: games as tools, audio-only games, TTRPG, etc.

Constraints. Constraints are our bread and butter. We approach game making with a DIY mentality, a focus on rapid prototyping and iteration, and limited-scopes.

Getting it done. Finish the project goals first and refine later; we don't needlessly sacrifice quality for the sake of efficiency.

Communal self-learning. We focus on learning for our own needs and ask for help when we need it.

No burnout. Working hard is fine but we make sure to protect our mental health in the process.

Joining the Studio

At the moment, we're only working with DIA members and recommended contributors (on a case by case basis). However, if you'd like to reach out regarding workshops and events, we'd love to hear from you!

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The Game Studio's work is always open for public viewing. We hope our work and subsequent findings can help others in their own game making paths.

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