SGVUX#27: Using GitHub for UX

SGVUX#27: Using GitHub for UX
Using Github for UX is happening on October 5, 2021

DIA Design Guild uses GitHub for planning, documentation, and all sorts of things not related to development (yet). Well, we're figuring it out along the way and learning ways to instill a practice and reverence for documentation, accountability, and transparency in the same environment as developers so that we can be better team players.

GitHub was for developers as Discord was for gamers.

We're assuming that most UX designers and researchers haven't had a need to use GitHub before. And, for some, GitHub is an utterly mysterious Horcrux, where things pull, merge, and commit back into a repo. We'll talk about:

  • what Git, GitHub, and the importance of version control are;
  • how GitHub terms and workflows can be mapped for designer and researcher's ways of working; and
  • how remote teams can use GitHub Issues, Discussions, and Projects for planning, collaboration, and communication.

.... or whatever else we can fit in 1 hour.

Hope you can join us!

Using Github for UX - Zoom
Join us this October for an overview of how designers use Github for non-development workflows.What is Git and Github? How to collaborate using GithubHow to get started in...
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