SGVUX#25: The UX of Asian Dramas

Seven of us met in a secret Zoom room and talked about Asian dramas for a whole hour. A Miro board helped us visualize the drama-watching experience we watched as we called out gateway dramas; listed out characteristics of the drama-curious, drama-casual, and the drama-addict; and prompted conversations about how people discovered and started watching dramas and why people might have dropped.

Ice breakers

Ice breaker started with listening out what dramas people have watched and soon delved into which ones were their gateway drama. This was just a small sampling.

What dramas have you watched? Drama covers as far back as the late 1980s Hong Kong to more recent 2021 Cdramas and Kdramas.

User profiles

We started out with user profiles based on the level of experience people might have with Asian dramas and started throwing stuff on the whiteboard.

  • Drama-curious
  • Drama-casual
  • Drama-addict
Who watches dramas? activity to define characteristics and behavior of people were part of this drama journey.

Mapping a drama-watching journey

We couldn't spend as much time actually mapping the drama-watching experience, but we got a good start adding things to the board as we shared our own experiences. Whether it was that genre trend of zombies or detective time travel or following adaptations, we all had something to share about:

  • reasons why we dropped a drama
  • cringe-worthy cliches and tropes
  • ways to cope with drama withdrawal
  • products we purchased along the way
A short attempt at mapping the journey of a drama experience

Thanks to everyone who made it out. Hope you're able to join us next month!