Defining the audience of the Rock the Boat Podcast

What if...

RTB wants to build and inspire a community around Asian thought leaders in entrepreneurial space?

Rock the Boat is a podcast elevating the stories of Asian leaders, founders, and pioneers in their fields. Host Lucia Liu uncovers stories of their upbringing, Asian identity, and the movements they've built through candid conversations.

RTB is a female-founded, social organization and we wanted to support minority communities that align with LA DIA’s purpose.

Framing the problem


LA DIA’s engagement uncovered some pain points:

1. Listeners are not loyal, active listeners (source: user interviews). We solved by providing user personas to help client understand the target audience.

2. Client wants to build community but podcast production taking a lot of time. Need to set up infrastructure for growth. We solved this by creating and maintaining a database to help with operations and archived data.

Rock the Boat Podcast

Design process

1. Research

[a] Persona development: Stakeholder, active listener, casual listener, in-person event supporter

[b] Recruit listeners for qualitative interviews

[c] Review existing data: Anchor analytics, spotify analytics, google analytics, content inventory, SEO recommendations, client’s past surveys

2. Content

[a] Created and maintained episode catalog and database, tagged episodes by topic of interest

[b] Previously did not have a list of episodes for 4 seasons worth of content

3. Dev

[a] Added SEO structure. Previously had generic metatags/were blank.

New feature process: “Episode Recommender Survey”

[a] Understand the target audience

[b] Catalog episode database by topic

[c] Utilize infrastructure and relationships to build