Sharnya Govindaraj

Apprentice, User Experience

Sharnya Govindaraj
Meet Sharnya Govindaraj
Tell us about yourself.

Hey there! I'm Sharnya, an aspiring user experience researcher with a background in cognitive psychology and journalism. After a brief stint at Reuters news (India), I moved to the United States to pursue grad school where I currently study how babies learn language. In pursuit of leveraging my varied skillsets, I plan to move to industry after my Ph.D. and to get a glimpse of how the real world works, I recently interned at GM's autonomous vehicle subsidiary, Cruise, as a UXR intern. Shop talk aside, I love exploring the outdoors and can speak 5 languages!

What are you looking forward to learning a/o doing?

I'm looking forward to learning how to shape my portfolio and personal brand to fit the needs of the industry. Broadly, I also want to learn how to get into the "UX researcher mindset" and hope to meet like-minded folks and expand my network!

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