Natasha Talukdar Elam

Apprentice, User Experience

Natasha Talukdar Elam
Meet Natasha Talukdar Elam
Tell us about yourself.

Natasha is pivoting to a career in UX after 22 years as a pianist and working as an opera coach. Her passion of using music to bring joy and healing to others has pushed her to pursue a career in UX. She wants to use strengths in creating connections, collaborating and assessing the needs and abilities of her artistic clients to help her transition into the field of UX.

Natasha has two Masters degrees, one in opera coaching from the University of Texas at Austin and one in vocal accompanying from Johns Hopkins University.

When she is not playing the piano, Natasha enjoys cooking and eating all foods, going on hikes and spending time with her husband and dog, Poppy.

What are you looking forward to learning a/o doing?

Natasha is looking forward to learning and growing in the field of UX, building new relationships and getting hands on experience on projects with the DIA Design Guild. She is excited to be a UX designer who focuses on working with companies that are mission driven and that do good for the community.

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