Bianca Lindblad

Apprentice, User Experience

Bianca Lindblad
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Fluent in both American English and Swedish due to my dual citizenship, I consider English my native tongue. I am a published writer in both languages. I have years of international experience in writing & storytelling, design, fine art, and customer service. My passion for psychology, inclusion and accessibility in design, and empathic design led me to pursue UX writing as a niche, although visual/graphic design and illustration will always be dear to me as well. I love deep-diving into any topic which interests me, and this inclination has made me a fount of knowledge and experience in many different arenas.

What are you looking forward to learning a/o doing?

I’m looking forward to getting the support, guidance, and mentorship I need to be the best I can be in my UX career. Learning to me is a journey, not a destination, and it’s something I treasure. I’m looking forward to bringing my knowledge and passion for UX and related topics to my career.

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