DIA Apprentice Program Specific Updates - Week 02

DIA Apprentice Program Specific Updates - Week 02
Two birds walking on a lava beach in the Galapagos Islands. Image credit: Julia DeBari

What’s on Julia’s mind these days?

I’ve been thinking a lot this new year about CDOs or Chief Design Officers. If a company has one, my expectations are that the products of your company are easy to use and, I guess I have to say, look good. I follow a couple people on LinkedIn and their company’s products don’t fit this description. Even the companies they used to work for don’t fit this description. Bank of America, Expedia, PayPal, etc.

For ten years, as designers, we have said we need a seat at the table (the C-suite table). Some people have them. Nothing seems to have changed from my consumer eyes. 

Am I expecting too much? Do you agree? Hit me up and let me know your thoughts! julia@diadesign.io.