Apprentice Program - Week of Mar 18, 2024

Apprentice Program - Week of Mar 18, 2024
Photo by NEOM / Unsplash

What’s on Grace’s mind these days?

Who am I kidding? This is not a week 11 biweekly update. We completely missed the boat and went straight into the next week. LOL, oh, well, I sincerely hope you all know by now NOT to set your clocks or calendars by our biweekly updates. We try our best. That said, this biweekly update is still courtesy of Grace. This time, I’m NOT going to gush about World IA Day, which by the way is still a very awesome thing to be a part of. Go, nonprofit volunteer work!

March is busy! Mentor-apprentice matching, new project starting, and project bids. This week, DIA kicked off its first sustaining client project of the year, a website redesign project with nonprofit May First Movement Technology. Meanwhile, some folks have reached out to DIA to partner in submitting project bids and proposals. 

Julia and I have been talking about some way to share information about all the internal, community, and client projects that are going on. Whether it’s for this year’s cohorts or apprentices who are still around with us, we welcome giving back anytime. 

And now…