Apprentice Program - Week of Feb 26, 2024

Apprentice Program - Week of Feb 26, 2024
Photo by Jennifer Du / From World IA Day 2018 Los Angeles, Santa Monica

What’s on Grace’s mind these days?

Stepping in for Julia for this update. There’s a LOT going on this week.

First of all, World IA Day is this weekend. Both Julia and I are organizing an event. She’s doing the one in Boston and I’m organizing and speaking at the one in Los Angeles. The one in Boston is going to be great. Dawn Russell is someone I met when I interviewed at CVS Health a couple of years ago for an information architect role and she’s doing the keynote. Heather Hedden is known for her taxonomy workshops. It’s Julia’s first time organizing in Boston, so it’s a great opportunity to build a network there. The first one’s always hard – don’t know anyone, don’t have connections, don’t know what’s available. I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes for her. 

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles event has completely sold out. It sold out in 2.5 weeks. Not bad, right? Overbooked and has a waiting list. Well, it’s going to rain on Saturday, so we’ll see how that goes. <grumble>Why does it always rain when I organize the event? It poured in 2017 when I organized it the first time and again this year? Sigh…</grumble> Anyway, I’m doing a talk too! I’ll be doing a short talk with Jane Pyeon about information architecture, context, culture and the importance of balancing it all. It’ll be a fun conversation. Let’s see if I have gotten comfortable with public speaking during the pandemic. 😱