Apprentice Program - Week of Jan 28, 2024 (WK05)

Apprentice Program - Week of Jan 28, 2024 (WK05)
Photo by Keegan Houser / Unsplash

What’s on Julia’s mind these days?

After doing about 30 interviews for the incoming apprentice cohort, I’ve been thinking about what’s the best way to redirect people if they are not selected? Then again, who decides the “best way”? 

It’s never great to not be accepted to something; it makes you feel like an outsider or you’re not good enough. Personally, I am trying to work through how I react to internal versus external validation. I tell myself, “Don’t look for other people to define whether you are “good enough.” That’s just a label with personal judgment attached. It is not real. You are your own best judge of your own value.

What about you? What’s been on your mind the past couple of weeks?