Apprentice Program - Week of Feb 12, 2024 (WK07)

Apprentice Program - Week of Feb 12, 2024 (WK07)
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As of January 2024, Julia has taken over the writing of these apprentice biweekly updates because Grace is stepping back and Julia will be the new apprentice program director

We’re settling in with sending these every odd-numbered week. Let us know if these updates are helpful!

What’s on Julia’s mind these days?

Storytelling. How and what kind. I’ve taken a few storytelling courses over the course of my career. The basics, sure, types of stories, rising and falling action, etc. I get it. I can do case studies. But how does one tell one’s own story, especially when it’s not typical? How do you boil the essence of you into one cohesive narrative? I’ve been working on my ‘About Me’ for years. I am constantly updating my LinkedIn About section. 

I don’t want to be just my job, just my career. There is more to me than where I work or don’t work. But are they hobbies, interests? What makes us unique in our story and yet someone you want to get to know, or maybe not know?

Let me know what you think.

#1: 2024 Cohort Apprentice Program Specific News

We have our new, 2024, cohort! Please welcome:

  • Adara L.
  • Ashley B.
  • Felisha A.
  • Gwyneth B.
  • Jamie O.
  • Katia J.
  • Leah E.
  • Linda Eva S.
  • Linh (Su) P.
  • Rechelle A.
  • Shaunté T.
  • Sonya C.

We will be sending out a specific welcome email with more information in the coming weeks. Look for these people on Discord and make them feel welcome please!

#2: Ready for our next book? 

Our next book will be Storytelling with You: Plan, Create, and Deliver a Stellar Presentation by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic. No need to buy or read ahead of time. We will be reading together.

The DIA Read Aloud Book Club will start again in late March. We’ll be meeting Thursdays at 7 pm EST / 4 PM PST. We will meet every other week. 

#3: Apprentice Wins and Celebrations 

  • Miguel (2021) has been interning as a UX research assistant at the Toyota Research Institute. His internship was extended from 1 month to 4 months. He’s learning tons from the Robotics User Experience and Interaction Design (RUX-ID)Team. 

Share: Have any good news, life lessons, or need project help? Reply and let me know. I can share it in our next biweekly update.

#4: Project Opportunities

A couple of projects have come up. You might know that projects are exclusive to apprentices who have shown interest or have been proactive with their mentors about doing more. Current year apprentices don’t get this until at least 3 to 6 months with DIA. 

  • May First Website Redesign — We’re looking for 1 more design focused apprentice to join us. Ideally, you can speak and understand Spanish, but that’s not required. Apprentices on the team will have an opportunity to be involved in all research, content, and design parts of the project. 
  • CERPS Branding and Website Design — Center for Excellence and Research in Public Service (CERPS), a newly established group at Western Michigan School of Public Affairs and Administration, has reached out to us to help them with branding and a new website design. We’re looking for at least one researcher, designer, and someone who’s not afraid to develop the website. 

Both of these projects will be helping to sustain our DIA Design Guild operations. If you’re interested in leading or contributing to any of these projects, please reach out to Grace at

#5: Job Opportunities

We’re always on the lookout for relevant entry-level roles to share with our apprentices. They’re usually shared on Discord under Discussion > #jobsearch-opps. If you come across any, let us know! We'll be sure to share them here for everyone else.

#6: Project Announcements

It’s a new year, and time to start new things. Need to find a project? Check out these volunteering resources and find your next gig! We’ll highlight a few organizations in every newsletter where you can look through and find something that interests you.

Feedback wanted

Open rates are great, click through rates are alright. But how helpful is this newsletter really? Share with us why yet another newsletter was a good idea. 

As always, we’re around to chat. DM us on Discord, reply to this email/post or schedule some time on our calendars: 

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